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I'm Laura McKenna and this is Apt. 11D.

I’m a writer specializing in politics and society.  I like writing about education, technology, women’s issues, media politics, and public policy. 

This blog is an idea incubator. I highlight the best articles of the day, the topic du jour. Then I add my two cents and moderate discussion. A lively discussion on this blog might become a more polished article the next day.

As a former political science professor, I look at every topic – even my own personal stories – with a political lens and ask Qui Bono? or Who Benefits? I collect facts and figures like other people collect trains and baseball cards.

I’m also a mom with two boys aged 13 and 10. My ten-year old is on the autism spectrum. Both boys frequently appear in this blog. Sometimes I’ll throw in a book review or pictures of a home renovation project. Lately, I’m obsessed with photography and estate sales. Admittedly, there is a certain amount of random-ness to this blog.

I started blogging in 2003. If you offer me a drink at a bar, I will gladly tell you some war stories.

I write for a variety of sources, including The Atlantic and GOOD.  Here’s a sample of my latest articles:


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